Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cat Raw Recipe

My recipe is modified from this site for Munchie who has heart disease:

 3 pounds of poultry thigh meat/bones/skin (If using Boneless add the eggshell or bonemeal powder)
 Liver - add 4 ounces of chicken livers per 3 lb of meat/bones/skin.  * For future recipes I am probably going to give 2oz of Liver and 2oz of Kidney as I feel they need the variety of the organs)
    1/2 cup water (or, preferably, more if your cat will eat it with more water)
    2 eggs - use the yolk raw but lightly cook the white
    5000 mg fish oil  Do NOT use cod liver oil!
    400 IU (268 mg) Vitamin E (powdered E in capsules is the easiest to use)
    50 mg Vitamin B-complex (capsules or tablets)
    2,000 mg taurine (use powdered - either in capsules or loose)
    3/4 tsp Morton Lite salt with iodine (contains potassium and sodium - make sure that it contains iodine)         (½) teaspoon of eggshell or bone meal powder is needed per pound of meat and organ ONLY if using Boneless meat
My Additional Supplements for Munchie's specific needs for arthrits, bladder and heart health.
2 Glucosamine MSM Tablets 1500mg (so he gets 250mg per day)
Lysine 12 scoops (needs 1 scoop twice a day) 500mg per day so 6000mg is what is needed
2,000mg additional Taurine
400 I.U. addition Vit E

It calls for 1 cup of water but that made it really liquidy so next batch am just going to do 1/2 cup of water.  I put the water in a bowl, then added the eggs and all the supplements and stirred until they dissolved, then added that to the meat mixture and liver, and then blended it up using my Ninja processor.

Munchie my 15# cat needs 2oz per meal twice a day.

Munchies Transition

Munchie is transitioning over to raw. Munchie has severe arthritis and was recently diagnosed with heart disease.  We are having an ultrasound done tomorrow to determine exactly what is wrong with his heart.  He is on a bunch of medications, but has decided he no longer needs to eat cat food, so we are making the transition to raw.
Munchie is a proud member of the clean bowl club

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pork grind

Here is my little 4# chihuahua eating some yummy pork grind.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zoey's Mix

So little Miss Zoey (4# chihuahua) is extremely picky when it comes to organs.  So I make her up a mixture of everything she needs for a balanced diet.  I still give her boney meals a couple times a week alternating between rabbit, cornish hens and whole prey mice.  The she gets either chicken, pork, beef, turkey, fish, duck for her other meals that are made into little ice cube shaped cubes.   Zoey loves these little cubes and what she doesn't know is that she eats the organs without problems......won't hurt her :-)  Here is my 'recipe' that I use for her:
14oz meat (beef, chicken, pork, turkey, duck, fish)
4oz beef heart or chicken or rabbit hearts whatever I can find
or 1# Meat
1 oz Liver I use beef or chicken liver.
1 oz Other Secreting Organ kidney, spleen, thymus, pancreas, lung, testicles, or brains.  I mostly used Beef Kidneys as that is what was readily availabe.  I am running low on it so I am going to have to go hunt down some other organs.
1 sardine
1/2 teaspoon ground egg shell
1 raw egg
1 fish oil capsule (1000mg)
2 & 1/2 Vit E (400IU) Capsules

2 oz Vegetables/Blue Berries (I use these as antioxidants for Zoey since she has so many health issues).  I mainly use pumpkin, spinach, broccoli.  Notice if you feed Prey Model Raw, the veggies are usually omitted.  But after research I decided to include this small amount as she needs the antioxidant properties of them. 

Here is her meat thawing
 I put everything into the Ninja and chop/mix it up.
Here it is portioned out in the cubes.  After they are flash frozen, I put them into snack bags and then into a gallon sized ziplocked labeled with what meat it is. 
They are a little more than 1oz per cube, Zoey gets 1 cube twice a day.