Zoey's New Recipe

Zoey was diagnosed with Calcium Oxalate Crystals in her bladder, and quite a few of them, so I have tweaked her diet (I found it online) and within about 3 weeks the crystals were gone, so I have decided to keep her on the diet for now.  It does incorporate rice and veggies but the rice actually helps bind calcium in the urine, so that is important so it can't turn into crystals.  I also have added some limited amounts of veggies (cooked and pureed). 

1 lb raw lean ground beef
1 lb raw ground turkey with 7% fat
6 oz canned tuna, boneless salmon or other oily fish without bones (use fish packed in water, don't use tuna
2 large eggs
1.6 oz Beef or Chicken Liver
1.6 oz Beef Kidney
4oz plain yogurt
4oz cottage cheese
3 cups cooked white rice
15oz low-oxalate vegetables (I use 3.75oz of each broccoli, peas, zuchinni, pumpkin).

She also gets the following supplements, the ones in BOLD are extremely important and should be added to the diet no matter what, the others are for Zoey's issues and health

Calcium Citrate: 3 tablets ground
Magnesium: 3/4 of a 500mg capsule
Vitamin E:   1 to 2 IU's per # of body weight  (I put 2 liqui gels (400IU)
Vitamin B Complex: 5 tablets (50mg each) ground
Fish Oil:  9 pumps (1000mg per pump)
Glucosamine MSM: 6 tablets (2 tablets is 1500mg)

She gets this added to each meal, fresh:
3 Tablespoons Ground Flax Meal mixed with 4 tablets Probiotics/Digestive Enzymes, 18 cranberry capsules (500mg each)  Ever tablet is ground
She gets 1/4 teaspoon of that mixture twice daily with her meals.

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