Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Cat Recipe

 3 pounds of poultry thigh meat/bones/skin
     1 cup water (or, preferably, more if your cat will eat it with more water)
    2 eggs - use the yolk raw but lightly cook the white
    5000 mg fish oil  Do NOT use cod liver oil!
    400 IU (268 mg) Vitamin E (powdered E in capsules is the easiest to use)
    50 mg Vitamin B-complex (capsules or tablets)
    2,000 mg taurine (use powdered - either in capsules or loose)
    3/4 tsp Morton Lite salt with iodine when using chicken
    Liver - add 4 ounces of chicken livers per 3 lb of meat/bones/skin.
    If using boneless meats add: (½) teaspoon of eggshell powder is needed per pound of meat and organ
    1/2 capsule 10mg Manganese per 3#

My Additional Supplements:  (Right now the 2 kitties I have both have severe arthritis and joint issues, one has heart problems and the other one has early kidney disease)
5  Glucosamine MSM Tablets 1500mg per 2 tablets = 125mg per meal.
3 & 1/2 teaspoons Lysine 500mg per day so 7000mg is what is needed  the stuff I have is 522mg per 1/4 teaspoon
800 IU Vitamin E Additional  (have read cats need 100IU per day.
9000 additional fish oil (to get about 1000mg per day)
2,000mg more taurine

Daily added to food with each meal for Munchie (Cardiomyopathy and Arthritis)
1 tablet Zeel (homeopathic for arthritis) twice daily
7mg Hyaluronic Acid once daily  (for joints)
250mg L-Carnitine once daily (for heart health)
30mg CoQ10 once daily (for heart health)
250mg Microlactin twice daily (for joints)

Daily added to food with each meal for DeeJay (arthritis, megacolon and early kidney disease)
1 tablet Zeel (homeopathic for arthritis) twice daily
7mg Hyaluronic Acid once daily  (for joints)
250mg Microlactin twice daily (for joints)
1/4 teaspoon Miralax for megacolon twice daily

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teaching an old cat new tricks....

DeeJay is my 14 & 1/2 year old kitty.  She has a lot of health issues and we are slowly getting them under control.  She has pretty severe arthritis in most of her joints.  We have been feeding her canned, but we learned that it is a lot cheaper to feed her raw so we are transitioning her over to raw too.  To feed both of my cats raw just for the chicken we buy it's $5.22 per week.  Now we add supplements and liver but the costs are minimal compared to each daily meal.  I love how inexpensive it is and am glad that I figured out it's only gonna cost us $20 per month instead of $40.  We *may* be able to afford to switch the rest of the kitties to raw too.  We shall see.

Here is DeeJays 1st raw meal
Almost all gone, mind you she had only been eating about 1/4-1/2 of her normal meals this week

 When she was finished with her meal she ate 1/2 of my chihuahua's then got mad at her when Zoey decided she better eat her own food LOL

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zoey Bone In Meal

 Tonight was bone in meal for Zoey.  It is a cornish hen spine.  She loves to chomp on bones and it's healthy for her teeth.  She gets a boney meal twice a week. 

Munchie Bone In

 So tonight was bone in night.  Munchie still isn't too enthused about eating boney pieces which really shocks me as he digs chicken bones out of the garbage can and eats the nobbys off the end of the bones.  He would take a bite into the chicken, feel the bone in his mouth and quit.  So I had to resort rto smashing the bones up in my Ninja.  He still wouldn't eat it so I had to mix maybe a teaspooon of canned food in with it to get him to eat it all..  Here are some pictures of him biting into the piece.