Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Menu Sample

So we have been feeding Georgie & Zoey full raw for 4 weeks, and Shellie 2 weeks, so we are getting down somewhat of a routine. Just wanted to share what they get to eat and how much etc:

Georgie Weighs 12# & Gets Between 4-5oz per day
Georgie Organs: Weekly 1.34 oz of each Liver & Kidney
Zoey Weighs 4.5# Gets 1.6oz per day
Zoey Organs: Weekly 1/2 oz of each Liver & Kidney
Shellie Weighs 70# Getting 1/2 raw so mornings she gets 0.875 pounds (14 ounces) for one meal

Monday: Beef
Tuesday: Pork
Wednesday: Bone in Chicken & Liver
Thurdsay: Beef
Friday Pork
Saturday: Bone In Chicken & Kidney
Sunday: Fish

Now this is subject to change & probably will change as we get/find different protein sources so they have lots of variety in their meals.  This is dinner, for breakfast we give boneless chicken every day, Georgie only likes about 1oz for breakfast so that makes it simple.

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