Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoey has worms in her water dish!

UPDATE:  We figured out these little buggers are Mosquito Larvae!!!!  So it had NOTHING to do with feeding her raw food, which I didn't think it did.  My dad said he's never seen that happen in a 'fresh' water bowl before.

So was getting Zoeys water dish (ceramic) to clean it out for the day and noticed a whole bunch of floaties in it beyond her hair lol, took a closer look at they were moving! EEEK! They are less than 1/4" long and about the width of a pin. Hubby is a little upset/freaked that feeding raw is giving Zoey worms. He wants me to worm her & quit feeding raw immediately. Hubby's thoughts were bloodworms or mosquitoe larvae, although they are all at the bottom with a few at the top. He did say it looked like some had a 'casing' around them and were developing into something else. His thoughts are maybe I accidentally spilled a drop of blood in her water last night when feeding? Has anyone else every seen this? This happened in about 24 hours as I clean out her dish every day. I have not seen any worms in her stool at all. Do I need to take her in for a fecal? Here are her meals for past 24 hours:
Wednesday morning: boneless chicken breast
Wednesday Evening: Boneless Pork Chop (was short sale but frozen for 2 weeks +)
Thursday Morning: Ground Beef (fed at work so no way touched bowl)

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  1. boy...looks like worms! do a fecal count. i would not feed her pork. what does your vet say. are you on the BARF yahoo list? they may have more answers for you.