Thursday, August 19, 2010

He's Eating My Food!

Just sharing as I thought it turned out really cute...she is enjoying a few licks of my homemade banana 'creamie'.  She LOVED it, Hubby said he's going to buy some doggie popcicle molds and make liver pops or something along those lines lol!

Nomming on some cornish hen bone in chicken

Zoey using her feet to hold the bone (cornish hen leg bone)
"Mom!  Munchie's eating my dinner!"  Munchie is our little 'piglet' of a cat, he has 6th sense when it comes to food, the tastier the better.  I had just cleaned out Georgies crate and put down a large matt, Munchie was in there, I kicked him out but as soon as he say Georgies dinner he went back in lol!

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