Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do raw fed dogs live longer?

I have often wondered about that.  I know I am on several yahoo groups that are about Raw Feeding, Natural Care etc, and have come across many dogs who are 13 or 15 who do not look nor act their age.  Most are raw fed from birth or shortly thereafter, limited or no vaccines, no chemicals (flea/hw etc).  This link was shared on one of the groups I am on and I am excited to share it with you, as it PROVES that dogs fed a Natural Appropriate Diet live longer....

Clicky for Lippert-Sapy Study on Canine Longevity 
Click on the link then it is the 3rd section down, click on it to read the study 
"Lippert-Sapy Study on Canine Longevity: The findings of this study present convincing evidence of the importance of an appropriate natural diet on health and longevity. Statistical analysis of data from the study showed that animals eating a more species appropriate diet lived almost 3-years longer than pets eating commercial pet food products."

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