Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Griffin Update

Griffin in 11 weeks old now, and eating raw like a champ (well ground it is), he'll be starting to get some regular cornish hens in the next week, and hoping to add organs soon too.  He gobbles it right up, which is awesome because he wasn't a good eater on kibble (although who can blame him?)  His health is greatly improved as he was dealing with a chronic respiratory from the time he was born (he was LITERALLY on antibiotics up until he was about 7 weeks old, when I got a hold of him and got him on natural remedies.  He has been keeping my husband company while he's been out of work recovering from surgery on his elbow and then surgery 2 weeks later on his shoulder.   Griffin is doing awesome, I love how easy it has been to transition the 2 puppies (Ziva (RIP) and Griffin to raw, I don't think Griffin has even had a soft stool yet.  YAY RAW!  

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