Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need to switch my cats to raw

The other day I heard a loud crash in the kitchen, I was in the pantry at the time organizing I go out to the kitchen and this is what I found:

My ever so helpful Siamese, Munchie got on top of the freezer then somehow knocked over my dog storage drawers (they sit on top of another drawer system next to the dog cages) where Zoey had her organs she was refusing to eat...Munchie was trying to get to them...the little stink!

***If and when I do switch the cats to raw (waiting for hubby's approval) they won't be a problem, they are EVER so helpful when I'm feeding the dogs, I have to really watch Mercedes or she will walk off with their dinner.    So far they like just about EVERYTHING, pork, beef, chicken, sardines, smelt etc.

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