Friday, October 8, 2010

Ugh.....we may have Ringworm....

Ziva has a circular bald spot on the back of her neck, then this morning her neck had welts on it and was red & she's been super itchy since we brought her home, I gave her an oatmeal bath today, and still she was rubbing her neck on the ex-pen, and my elliptical machine.  We thought she was having an allergic reaction to the nylon in her collar but I'm thinking it may be ringworm.  The 'scaly' parts do glow under the purple light :-(  We gave her some benadryl this morning, but as you can see it's still red & inflammed & scaly.  It appears the skin folds are swollen & inflammed.  I will be having my dad/Vet do a skin scraping tomorrow to check them.  Both spots are red & scaly.  So I think it may just be starting.  She's had the bald spot on her neck since I got her it's just been growing and now it's red.

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