Monday, October 25, 2010

Zoey's Fishy Birthday Cake

Mom made me a Mackeral & Smelt Birthday Cake (Grandpa said it was okay cause fish bones are soft)

It is really yummy!

Is that it mom? I know there has to be more....

I also's got some nummy treats but I am bery cold in this picture

Cedes & Tigger thought if they were cute mom would share my burfday cake...boy were they wrong, it's MINE!

I is also bery excited mom's says I am getting another Tiger Dreamz bed! Big ole mean Shellie dog ate my last one

**Mom's getting a good deal ($40 + shipping) on the trundle snuggle bed normally $58-$68, she's willing to pass it on to anyone who's interested they come in all sorts of colors

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