Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Refusing Organs...

For the past 3-4 weeks Zoey has absolutely been refusing to eat organs. I have tried searing them, feeding frozen, feeding 1/2 frozen etc. The only way I get her to eat about 1/10th of them is to dice into pin point size pieces and hand thfeed, she still spits 1/2 of it out. Tonight I even tried mixing them in with the canned tripe, she ate all the tripe stuff and left the organs after she licked them clean! GRRRRRR Any suggestions? I will stuff them down her throat if I have to as I know she needs her organs, but she's being a pill about them. She's eating Calve Liver & Beef Kidneys as her organs, and she normally just loves them.  Apparently stuffing isn't going to be an option, I tried...even if I stuffed all the way in the back of her throat to where you couldn't see it anymore she hacked it up...the little stink!  So last night I tried just searing it and added a little butter & parmasan cheese, she still wouldn't touch it so I cooked it all the way through, then had to hand feed it to her like a treat....what a stubborn little diva!
You Want me to eat that?
Nope, not gonna happen

Oooh....I'll gladly eat it cooked though

This is good stuff maynard!

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