Friday, July 16, 2010

Born to Eat Raw!

We are almost 10 days feeding raw now, they are both doing really well, no soft stools or anything, they are tolerating chicken/cornish hens without any problems, starting next week we might start introducing different proteins such as pork/beef etc.  Then in a few more weeks we will start with organs.  I am just so happy with how they are doing.  Someone on dogster mentioned that Zoey is doing so well because she was 'born to be fed raw', and I couldn't agree more!  As you can see from the pictures, they absolutely are LOVING it!  Zoey has always eaten with gusto, however Georgie was getting a little finicky when I switched her from Wellness Core to Blue Wilderness....good thing Shellies not picky as I have a 12# bag to go through :-)  I think that helped me make the decision to switch to raw as Georgie getting finicky about eating.

I also joined a local (utah) raw feeding group and in searching the archives, found a couple of local sources near me!  WAHOO!  I'm so excited, one makes ground meats (lamb, beef, mixed--> deer, elk, bison etc) in rolls, and another processes rabbits either ground or whole for raw feeders....awesome.  Here are the links for anyone who's interested:

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