Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Funny Little Poop Story....

Was outside with Georgie while he was going potty, and in the potty area was a large splattish looking thing it was dark brown, and had white specks in it, he's been pretty normal so I was a little concerned, well it didn't quite look like poop as it had a cracked top dried out, and a chunk/bite missing out of it. So I bent down and smelled it, it smelled like chocolate so the little brats in my neighborhood tossed a chocolate cookie in my backyard, and DARK chocolate to boot! I could just scream, the kids in my neighborhood poisoned my chihuahua Sebastian with decon in November, needless to say I'm a little peeved. Hubby laughed at me and told me I'm psycho since I'm down on my hands and knees smelling what I thought was dog poop BOL! But on a positive least he doesn't have the splarts or rocket butt! HA HA HA!

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