Monday, July 19, 2010

Raw Benefits

I was talking to my vet/dad today (who seriously is considering switching his dogs to raw) and was telling him some of the benefits I've noticed in my 2 little dogs since switching to raw. Keep in mind we are just 2 weeks into feeding raw and are still on chicken/cornish hens only.

Less Itchy
Less Licky Louing herself (she used to lick her front legs obsessively
Glands under her neck/throat aren't as swollen, they are constantly swollen/enlarged due to her chronic health issues, noticed last night they are going down
Urine is not smelly at all! (She's pad trained and in our kitchen and some days her pee can clear a room).
Not shaking all the time anymore.
More energy

Not as anxious, more relaxed, even behavior
Less eye crustiness & drainage
Smaller Less Smelly Poops

I am starting Shellie on raw today, and hoping to see behavior benefits (spastic/ocd/adhd) for her, as well as going to contact a homeopath to help with vaccinosis.

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