Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watching them eat

Well things continue to go great.  Today I was able to connect with another local rawbie and picked up some chicken quarters which turned out to be too small for her rotts n chows, and we talked for a bit, I learned so much from her!  Truly amazing!  Her chow was diagnosed with TSC (transitional cell sarcoma) of her bladder in 2008, she was sent home with some pain meds, and told that she wasn't going to live long, then she quit eating, and she did some research and started raw feeding, the dog is doing amazingly well!  She also has a rottie who was ocd/add after getting her rabies shot, and with raw and homeopathy, she's normal now (boy I can't wait to try feeding raw to Shellie, I really think it will benefit her).  It was just awesome to find a local connection and learn so much from her.  Thank-you so much Christy, I really appreciate it. 

I also have a new found fascination to watch my little carnivores eat, it is so cool to watch them decide which pick of meat they will tackle first and watch them maneuver it around in their mouths to get all the yummy goodness. 

I also discovered today that the Dollar Tree near us has a frozen food section, they have Chicken Livers and Chicken Thighs (3 for a $1) so that is something to keep in mind for the future, as I won't be needing chicken for quite some time :-)

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