Monday, July 12, 2010

Georgies Funny Story of the Day

6:30 PM  So Georgie has been offered breakfast each day but refuses to eat it, this morning he ate about 1oz, and tonight he won't touch his dinner, I have offered cornish hens, and regular chicken. He acts almost like it's going to bite him. Not sure what's up, but 1oz isn't nearly enough for him to eat in one day. Is he 'self-regulating'? Thinking he only needs to eat once a day? So since he ate the smaller breakfast today, he's telling himself he doesn't need to eat? He's been eating his large meal at night. He's supposed to eat about 3.52-5.28oz per day (2-3% of 11#), he's been eating about 4oz per day once as he hasn't wanted breakfast (buries it in the towel). I am going to put his dinner away and try one more time before bedtime. He has been on raw since last Wednesday. Chicken/Cornish Hens with his regular RMB Pork Neck for his teeth, stools are 1/2 crumbly 1/2 normal. He gets bone with each meal maybe slightly larger than 10% (still getting the hang of this).
8:30 PM  Okay so the little stinker shortly after refusing dinner and burying the ENTIRE towel and food in his water dish, started whining so I let him out of his crate (easier to feed in crates otherwise we have kitty competition), and he ran to back door, went outside did his 'rubby' thing on the bushes/trees/deck, peed on the steps, and then wanted back inside, then was doing his I'm hungry dance, so I fed him his dinner (cornish hen pieces) and he gobbled it all up...apparently when I brought him in just after getting home he wasn't finished telling the backyard his story of how his day went lmbo, and heaven forbid we eat dinner before writing in our outdoor journal bol! Too funny! But, feel free to answer about the regulating as I am curious if some dogs do that. Georgie is my one of a kind silly billy boy!


  1. Hi.

    Yes, my Buddy self-regulates. It took him a few months of getting used to raw feeding to realize that raw was here to stay (and that food was coming every day--he was a starved rescue), but then he calmed down and just ate what he needed. He's been raw feeding since I adopted him almost two years ago.

    This week, he ate five days out of seven. I feed once a day, usually at some point between noon and dusk, and if he doesn't start eating within 20 minutes, I pick it up and put it away until the next day. He knows he gets one chance, and he doesn't complain later (unless we're eating really good people food, then he always acts like we're starving him!).

    Have a good one. :)

  2. Oops, forgot to say that toys generally need on the higher end of the 2-3% range, sometimes even as much as 5% of ideal adult weight. Just keep an eye on them and adjust their amounts as needed.