Monday, November 15, 2010

The Benefits of Feeding Raw

I just wanted to share some of the benefits I've noticed since feeding raw, we have been feeding raw for 4 months now:
1- No doggie odor Zoey & Ziva do not smell, my golden's ears don't stink like they did on kibble.
2- Softer coat, their coats are so soft & luxurious, I think my goldens coat is more radiant than it was on kibble, definitely noticed less shedding
3- Better health, granted Zoey's having issues at the moment, but this is NOTHING compared to her normally getting throat infections every other week, this is the first one in 4 months which isn't bad in my book.
4- Allergies, Zoey is no longer chewing/licking herself, the white on her front legs is coming back, she is also completely off of her antihistamines & urinary acidifier, and we've been able to drop her steroid down to every 4th day now, the steroid is for hydrocephalus
5- Ziva seems to respond better to training than most of the kibble fed pups I've trained in the past, she has more focus
6- Hyperactivity my golden is an obnoxious twit sometimes, but since feeding raw her energy levels are more stable, and she's not nearly as obnoxious or hyper
7- Teeth, while I haven't seen the completely clean teeth I have noticed a difference in the amount of tartar on Zoey's teeth. She just hasn't wanted to eat bones in a while so it's hard getting that benefit.
8- Fewer collapsed trachea episodes, they don't seem to be as severe either.

What are some of the benefits you've seen with raw?

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  1. Two weeks into raw, fewer messes in the backyard is one of the things I'm liking most! Clean up is a breeze. I'm also noticing her coat is softer and fuller. Her bad breath is almost gone too. Sadly, I haven't noticed the lack of odor, as Mona plays frequently at the dog park with dogs four times her size and usually comes home smelling like the inside of a labradoodle's mouth (kibble fed, lol).