Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mercedes takes matters into her own hands....

Mercedes (the one on the right) saw the Vet aka Grandpa yesterday for excessive dirty ear wax & eye discharge....she was diagnosed with allergies and put on a special diet (Natural Balance) at $1.50 per can per day...which is WAY expensive and going to kill our critter food budget, so hubby is strongly considering letting me switch at least Cedes to raw....well apparently our little mouse problem wasn't gone like we thought...she found this little guy in our office tonight.  Tiglet is the tabby who is helping.  I have a container over the mouse and am waiting for my hubby to wake up so he can do something with it as I'm not touching it lol.  I can handle touching the whole prey mice I feed the dogs but not a live little nasty critter lmbo.

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