Friday, November 12, 2010

Eggshells N Organs Question

We have been battling a severe throat infection/eosophagitis with Zoey, the past week it got really bad & she didn't eat for 48 hours. So Tuesday back to the Vet we went, we are giving her a different (3rd) antibiotic, sprayed her throat with a topical numbing stuff 15 min before eating until last night JUST so she would eat, and are feeding her soupy ground meats 3 times a day. She lost 3oz which is a lot for such a little dog (4#). Anyways we normally do organs on Tuesdays & Fridays, and I was going to give her ground eggshells for her bone/calcium since she can't have bone for 2 weeks so her throat can heal. Would the eggshells counteract the rocket butt from organs? She's never had a problem with organs, but I've always given her bone with her organs. Also noticed this week she is red again, would being sick/under the weather make her skin red (head/legs)? I hope it's not allergies flaring up again, she's been doing so well. Her gums/mouth is really red too, but I think that's due to the infection going on.

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