Monday, November 15, 2010

How I feed my little dogs:

Lately I've been asked a few times what I feed my little dogs, so here's how I feed my 2 little guys.
I feed mine mostly chicken bones/cornish hen bones for their bone in portions.  My dogs only require bone 2 meals a week, sometimes 3 depending on what I feed.  The rest are boneless in which I use the beef, pork, ground hamburger, turkey & chicken as well.  I also feed 1-2 meals of fish (smelt, mackeral, salmon).   For the beef/pork I generally buy either steaks or roasts on reduced for quick sale, or I will buy pork chops as well, cutting out the bones if they have them (because they are cut, they are too sharp).  I also have started giving them beef hearts (that's something you have to work them up to as it's rich)   I also sometimes throw in a raw egg, shell & all.  When I give organs I feed a boney meal with it, that helps with any loose stools from organs.  A lot of people feed chicken backs/thighs for their boney portions.  I do also give whole prey a few times a week (mice with fur & all).  I give them pork neck bones, turkey necks, beef ribs, pork ribs for bones they can gnaw on.  They don't eat much of the bones of those but they do eat/tear/rip the meat off which is a great workout for them.  

Here is how I started:
1st 2 weeks:  Boney Meals (except Zoey who only got them for the first 4 days then we went to twice a week).  I used Cornish Game Hens, Thighs for a pomeranian I had.
3rd week: Started adding a little bit of pork in addition to the boney meals, increasing the pork amount daily until they were getting a whole meal of pork
4th week: Started adding a little bit of beef in addition to the boney meals, increasing the beef amount daily until they were getting a whole meal of beef
5th week: I added organs to the boney portions again increasing the amounts each day.

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  1. Great to know! I'm on week 3 now, adding pork for the first time today. I always appreciate seeing others' routines when it comes to feeding boneless, bone-in, and organ meals. I think that's my biggest concern right now... Learning the balance of when to feed what. Thanks for the info!