Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rejected for Recommending Raw

GRRR!  Just a little Vent, I am on a yahoo list where pet owners can ask questions and get help from other owners, vet techs, vets etc and someone asked what the best possible nutrition for their cat was, so I gave an honest answer.  My message didn't go through/was deleted/rejected whatever because the list owner is closed minded.  I have 20 years experience working as a Veterinary Assistant/Technician as well as my father has been a Veterinarian for 40+ years....I don't feel I was hard core pushing Raw on the person, just giving my honest to goodness opinion.

This is what I got told was the reasoning for rejecting my message:

no raw recommending

This is what I 'tried' to reply.
> IMO, NONE of the dry foods are best for cats, cats need moisture in their
> diets, their natural 'prey' is the mouse which is 70-75% moisture, dry food
> only contains about 10% moisture, canned foods are about 78% moisture.  Cats are also Obligate Carnivores which means they NEED meat to survive, a lot of the dry cat foods out there are loaded with carbohydrates (grains/veggies etc) that cats don't need & can't utilize. The 'optimal' diet is Raw, but if you can't do that then high quality grain free canned is next best.  Here is a website with loads of information on cats & their nutritional needs:  That being said I do have 1 of my 5 cats who absolutely refuses raw & canned food (have tried every; trick in the book & then some to get her to transition), she has Cerebral Hypoplasia so pecks like a chicken when she eats, so I feed her a high quality grain free rotation diet (Wellness Core, Blue Wilderness, Solid Gold Indigo Moon) I also fed Innova EVO before they sold out to Proctor & Gamble.  The rest of my cats eat canned food and are transitioning onto raw.

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