Thursday, November 4, 2010

Does Raw Make them easier to train?

So I have been working with Ziva on training and OMG she's stubborn in some regards but smart as a whip in others. In just a few (less than 5) very short sessions, she has 'grasped' the concept of sit, down, puppy push-ups (sit/down quickly), roll over, army crawl, give me 5, other paw, & stick em up, working on smiles (she smiles & shows her teeth) & get those fleas (scratching) & army crawl. A lot of these we are just shaping with the clicker as she offers them, but she is catching on quicker than I've ever had a dog catch on. Is raw to attribute to that? I've heard lots & lots that Min Pins are VERY difficult to train as they are very stubborn.

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